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Breeding Banavie Merinos with Balance

"A self replacing Banavie flock is very profitable"

Good Merino ewes are returning between $400 - $500 ANNUALLY!

8-12kg Greasy Wool

$10 Per Kilo


= $80-$120

Fattened Merino Wether Lambs

$200 & $50 (Wool)


= $250

Classed Out & Aged Ewes + Wool

$200 for Lamb & 8kg Wool


= $80

Mutton End of Commerical Life

= $200

Charinga and Banavie are Merino seed stock studs, with both poll and horn genetics, and sell genetics across Australia and Internationally.

The studs continue to be commercially driven, and focus on wool cut and quality while maintaining a large meaty frame. Our genetics profitability is reflected in the results of the NSW DPI's "Merino Bloodline Performance", a trial comparing 77 bloodlines over 10 years. Pushing boundaries, we have clients achieving cuts of 6kg every 6 months.


  • This years sire selection and matings will impact on lambs next year

  • They will be 1 year old the following year

  • And finally, your BREEDERS the year after - impacting on lambing and returns

The outlook for heavy cutting, fertile, medium wool Merinos remains excellent.

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