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Banavie Merino Stud was founded in 1915 producing 18-21 Micron and annually selling over 300 Merino Rams and Stud Semen packages Australia wide and internationally.

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Come attend our onsite Open Day on the 26th of September, 2023 to check out all the 2024 Sale Rams, sires, ewes and some shearing on the day. Charinga and Banavie's On Property Sale featuring 200 rams will be held on the 30th of September.

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We attend a variety of shows through out the year including the Australia Sheep show in Bendigo in July as well as holding our own on property open day and sale days in September and October respectively.

Australian Sheep Show

19th-21st July, 2024

Join us in Bendigo for the largest event of its type in the world, as the 'best of best' sheep breeders compete

Marnoo Field Day

Date yet to be announced

Banavie and Charinga will have around 100 Merino's on display including this years Sale Rams, Sires and Ewes.

National Sheep Show

Date yet to be announced

Banavie and Charinga will have Merino's on display including this years Sale Rams and Sires

On Property Open Day

19th September, 2024

Come attend our onsite Open Day and check out all the Main Sale Rams before sale day.

On Property Sale Day

30th September, 2024

Charinga and Banavie's On Property Sale featuring 200 rams.


Banavie has over 119 years of breeding experience that allows us to continue breeding balanced Merinos (horn & poll) which have the potency to be used in the stud and commercial Merino industry. Maintaining the wool and skin quality with true fibre density, alignment, nourishment and brightness with exceptional wool cut (quality & quantity) while enhancing early maturity, muscling, structure and fertility.

"We continue to be commercially driven, and focus on wool cut and quality while maintaining a large meaty frame."


Charinga and Banavie are Merino seed stock studs, with both poll and horn genetics, and sell genetics across Australia and Internationally.

The studs continue to be commercially driven, and focus on wool cut and quality while maintaining a large meaty frame. Our genetics profitability is reflected in the results of the NSW DPI's "Merino Bloodline Performance", a trial comparing 77 bloodlines over 10 years. Pushing boundaries, we have clients achieving cuts of 6kg every 6 months.

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My association with with Banavie goes back to goes back to when the late Neil McLennan owed Banavie in the mid 1990s and when the Polkinghorne family took it over we continued using both Charinga and Banavie studs. We have purchased and used semen from their top sires. The use of their genetics has influenced our wool quality and quantity. Both Roger and Tim are free and honest to give feedback on what your aims are.


We live at Maroona , twenty four kilometres south of Ararat in the Western district. It’s a 23” rainfall  average and we run 2100 merino ewe self replacing flock, some of which are joined to Border Leicesters rams. Over the past four years our average micron has been between 18.9—20.0 micron and cuts per head have    averaged, Ewes 8.2 kg and Hoggets 10-11 months wool 5.8 kg. It is our pleasure to have been introduced to the Polkinghorne family of Charinga and Banavie some 10 years ago. In that period we have  benefited greatly from their knowledge of  breeding large framed sound correct structured sheep, with good constitution producing substantial amounts of soft handling, high yielding white crimpy fine to medium wools which are keenly sought after by the trade. Due to the crimpy stylish wool a bigger percentage ends up in the top lines. Because of Charinga and Banavie bloodlines we have the bonus of having boat wethers at 18 months of age, being able to breed 1st x ewes which are consistently in the top few pens at special store sales.


Selling joined CFA ewes back to the north and also fat lambs over the hooks at averages up to 28 kgs. As a result of all these benefits, these bloodlines have proven to be very profitable. The past 12 months have been a real test on the ability of wool to withstand wet conditions. We had 875 mm from August 1st 2010 to August 1st 2011. In fact the wettest and most humid weather that we have experienced and only having 80ks of fleece rot in our total clip with no dermatitis at all, is proof that Charinga and Banavie  bloodlines are very adaptable. In my opinion over the past twenty years Charinga has become a true parent stud producing a number of impact sires having a      massive influence on the merino industry. Show and ram sale success can very often be traced back to Charinga sires eg. East Mundulla by Big Tom, grand champion Bendigo Sheep Show  2011.

DENIS BYRNE - MAROONA, VIC - PH 0427 547 525



Ph: 5359 2250


Address: Banavie, 3340 Donald-Stawell Rd, Marnoo VIC 3387

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